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The encounter (mOnsieur feat. Brisa Roché ) - COOL MUSIC !!!

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“High notes, low notes, and everything in between”

Scales and arpeggios for trumpet and cornet

As a special bonus, and as a way for me to say thank you when you order “High notes, low notes, and everything in between”, I’ve included an eBook version of “Scales and Arpeggios for Trumpet and Cornet” for you for free!
(Worth over US$20 in print)
This 62 page eBook includes:
* Major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales and arpeggios in ALL keys
* Diminished, augmented, dominant 7th, added 6th and added 7th arpeggios
* Chromatic scales, whole-tone scales, and whole-tone-semi-tone scales
* Crabwise: Major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales, and whole tone scales
* In 3rds: Major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales, and whole tone scales
* Broken major arpeggios and broken minor arpeggios
* Up W.T., down S.T.; Down W.T., up S.T.
* Augmented broken arpeggios, diminished broken arpeggios, and dominant 7th broken arpeggios
* Patterns for scales and arpeggios in groups of 3′s and 4′s
* Modes

What you get

By purchasing this unique modular system for brass players, you will get the following:
1. The MODULES folder, containing .pdf files of the notated exercises
(notated in both treble clef and bass clef)
2. Access to online VIDEO demonstrations of all notated exercises
3. A complete INSTRUCTION MANUAL in .pdf format
4. SPECIAL FREE BONUS: The book “Scales and Arpeggios for trumpet and cornet” in .pdf format
(worth over US$20 in print!)

>>>>>>>Get started RIGHT NOW!<<<<<<<

You can get started becoming a better brass player right now!
Click the link below to receive your copy of the MODULES, access to the online VIDEO demonstrations, your INSTRUCTION MANUAL, and your free BONUS eBook!