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Free Download ! Swine-Flu Detector App !

Longneck~~Download our first game for FREE : Scoop Up - and don't forget to rate us up.DISCLAIMER:This app is meant for entertainment purposes only. It's not a real Swine Flu detector. Check your friends for swine flu infection. Get the result on a scale of 0 to 10. (totally controlled by The Secret Magic Twist™ - read below for details).This eco-friendly swine flu detector is using cutting edge technology to bring a smile on your face.Made from 100% recyclable materials, mostly pixels, sound effects and some sweet programming, you won't have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint when buying this high-tech equipment.WARNING: After about two weeks of daily use you might become very annoying.Now go have some swine fun !Make sure your iPhone/iPod (2nd gen) has the volume turned up.Start by holding the device vertical, then as you get closer to the target, tilt it to horizontal position. This way, the "target" will be able to see the detector as well. Tap on the screws to see what's inside.

Free Download ! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble App !

! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble
Longneck~~Top Entertainment App.Squeeze the fun out of your iPhone (or iPod touch) !Take photos of your friends or family members and have a laugh squeezing and wobbling their faces.Warning: Sometimes it can get hysterical, especially with kids.Squeeze , Squash, Wobble , Jiggle and Stretch any image. This is the easiest to use Face Deformation App and it will never produce deformation artifacts. The image will look natural no matter what you do.
★★★★★“This is the best wobbly app by far !!”★★★★★
“This app is epic, a must have !”★★★★★“This is the coolest app ever!”★★★★★“Amazing application, pure genius. Be ready to laugh out loud!”Check the website to see the YouTube videos:www.longneck.ro/squeezeitHow to use Squeeze It !